UiPath not able to work with Microsoft Remote Desktop but works with windows' built-in Remote Desktop Connection

I’m trying to make a project, wherein the robot has to interact and work remotely. The remote system has the UiPath Remote Runtime installed, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps Extension is also installed in my system where UiPath is located.
When we work with Windows’ built-in Remote Desktop Connection client and trigger a sequence, the robot’s run fine and interact with the remote system as expected.
But the same over Microsoft Remote Desktop app is not seen. The selectors are not recognized at all.
What could be the solution around this. Also, what could be the reason behind such behavior

HI @Peeyush_Yadav

And you are using Citrix or CV activities right?


And if yes , while developing if you used Windows remote desktop in the scope then only it can be used because you have added only Windows remote desktop screen @Peeyush_Yadav

If you want Microsoft RDP you need to add the screen in the Scop


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka , thanks for your reply.
No, I’m not using any kind of CV related activities.
The Remote Runtime and the Microsoft Remote Desktop together are able on run activities on my remote system (from the UiPath in local system) through the Remote Desktop Connection, without any need of Computer Vision activities.
As for the scopes, like I said, I’m not using any CV activities, and hence no special scopes have been defined even when I’m using the Windows’ Remote Desktop Connection. You have any other reason in mind? Kindly drop a reply. Highly Appreciated. :slight_smile: