Reload webpage using Retry Scope

Would like to use a retry scope to refresh a webpage if it does not load using the retry scope.

I am thinking to use the element exists to check to see if the page loads, in my case I am checking for a Log On button. If the element is not found I want to click the refresh button on the browser.

Refresh browser

Not sure if I am doing this correct because from my understanding if the element is found it will retry the action.

Retry Scope means that the action will retry until found element in condition section.

In your example, retry scope will do until Login button displayed.

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When I run my process when it fails a new browser opens. I tried using a click activity and a send hotkey activity but the same thing happens.

Sorry Nelson,

Iā€™m not understand your case too much but when Retry Scope opens browser again maybe your Condition (Elements Exists) time out is not enough (default is 3000), so you can change to 10000 or more then please try again.

How I would expect it to work is that once it does not find the element it clicks the refresh button. However a new browser opens and I am confused myself as to why.

When time out of Element Exists activity was reach Retry Scope will do [Retry] again all activity in your Action area.

I think in RPA, you cannot make sure you can click, open,ā€¦ some activity at only once time so we need to use Retry Scope. If the elements still not exists, exception will be thrown.

In this case, you can increase time out of Condition activity to 10000 and Retry Interval (Retry Scope Properties) to 15000 or more

A second browser open and then this error message appears after a few seconds. This is after I added in the time in the Time Out condition,

Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.

Please refer this post: Open browser : Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser

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