How to use the ReTry Scope in UiPath Studio


I need your expertise regarding retry activity.
Scenario: Need to make retries if the login page crash

Here’s my activity.

Condition: element exist of the login page

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@Juliene Can you explain whats the issue in it?

everytime the login page crash, bot did not retry the execution. Bot already stop the process

use element exist activity to identify the element after the login!

@Juliene Can you post the screen shot of the properties of Retry scope activity?

What you have tried is correct . But keep some delay in Action with Refresh browser and “Complete” in wait for ready in Element Exist.

@Juliene, Set ContinueOnError = true and it should work


Hi @Juliene

I think you this template workflow could help you understand how the retry scope works :slight_smile:

This is developed exactly to suit these kind of scenarios… Let me know if this doesn’t help :slight_smile: