Unable to set argument value in invoked workflow

Hi All,

I am trying to do what is a very simple task but unable to do so.

I am trying to set the input value in the invoked workflow’s activities “Import arguments” dialog box as shown below.

As seen from the above, I am setting the System1_URL in argument to the value.

Whatever value I set and then close when reopened disappears. Why is this? Is it a wrong way to use?

Hi @thejwal_pavithran

When. Passing the value based on the xaml is it able to launch the URL


This is usually buddy
Like once after importing the arguments using the option IMPORT ARGUMETS in INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE ACTIVITY if we want to add values or variables to those arguments or even to see them go to Arguments property in the property panel of Invoke workflow file activity

There we will be able to see or edit the values for those arguments

But if we Press the Import arguments option again it will freshly import them from the workflow we have invoked
So we won’t be able to see the value that we have added previously

Cheers @thejwal_pavithran

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@Palaniyappan Wow super :slight_smile: Thank you ji

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Cheers @thejwal_pavithran

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