Can't connect to new cloud orchestrator

Hello Firend,

I’m provisioning my robot and done:
-create robot
-add robot to envirement
-add machine

when i run a uipath studio code: “Robot does not exist” ??

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Hi @abdel
Refer the following

I did the same exact thing but still I could not create robot without selecting standalone license. But even after that when I was trying to connect my PC to cloud orchestrator via Robot it is saying Robot not licensed

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when you use standalone you machine key will be registered as fixed , that use for standalone robot license province

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i fixed this, but now the orchestrator interface is completely chenging:

did not found management,
also i had issue with wheduling the robot: it did not found the robot

hi @abdel,

the documentation will gradually change to reflect the new UI over the next couple of months. But the object categories and areas (like Machines, Users etc) are still there. I suggest you look in Tenant section (for tenant scoped objects) or Folder section (for Folder scoped objects) when looking for a particular object category. This gives an overview of the Tenant and Folder scopes:
(@iamwiliamb @Ovidiu_Constantin)