Regarding UiPath Assignment 1

I have uploaded Zipped file 3 times but . its giving no marks

Please help anybody

HI @sweta1234

Follow below steps

  1. Reset your test data
  2. Check all the WI5 items are set to complete
  3. Check Formula does not have any white space expect first name and last name
    ClientID-Firstname LastName-ClientCountry
  4. Check that Hashcode is unique for every item and is trimmed.
  5. Submit your assignment



Hi Sweta

You can also record you Bot running the calculate hash code from Login until it finishes, upload the video in Youtube then copy your video’s URL and submit it

Thank you.

@sweta1234 Click on marks to extract the reason and paste here the screenshot.

Maybe your login email to ACME system 1 doesn’t match with Uipath Academy Login email. Please check and verify that.

I am using same id for both

Make sure that after submitting your assignment don’t reset the ACME System 1 WorkItems until evaluated.

However you can browse WorkItems and check the status as completed to verify your assignment works well.

Trying to get it resolve.

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