Assignment 1 Level 3 has 100/100 score on ACME but when uploading UiPath gives 0/100

I am getting a score of 0/100 on assignment 1 of Level 3 when I upload my assignment on UIPath academy, but on ACME System all of the items are correct. I did not reset its data when Both my Ui patha cademy and ACME have same credentials. I have also checked the hash code manually and the results are same. Although I have done the assignment without using ReFreamework but I don’t think t should be the case as only the score is evaluated.
This is the error I am getting:

“Email/Assignment Combo not found in ACME Systems. Make sure the robot has completed the items. Make sure you use the same email address in ACME as in the UiPath Academy”.

Please help!

Hi @syyamNoor10
Just check once is there any space in the hash-code you are getting.

No! The hash codes being generated are absoulutely correct, the format was according to the documentation. I am getting 100 score on ACME system. I don’t think that is the case.

I am experiencing the same thing as well.
I have tried screen recording, using my friend’s computer and robot (but using my credentials)

If you find the solution kindly reply me here.

@syyamNoor10 I am also getting the same error.Have already checked all the options mentioned here. There is no space while generating the hash code. Followed all the steps mentioned in the pdd document too still getting the same error. If your issue has been resolved please let me know how did you do that? Request to all other please help to resolve this.

Hey @richa.jmp93, just make sure you used the same login details on the ACME System and The Academy?

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