How to upload the assignment to uipath academy

Hi Everyone.,
i need a help i have completed the assignment of security hash code.
I need to upload the assignment.

i uploaded the assignment Zip file, after an hour in academy it shows results 0/100.

im getting the output correctly.

pl help


  1. Have you reset the ACME system data before uploading zip file ?
  2. Are you using same credentials for academy and ACME site ?
  3. Are you hard coded any values in the process ?
  4. i think some spaces are there in client information and please trim the spaces and enter it.

No i didnt reset data.
yes i have used the same credientails.
i have stored credentials in orch. assets.
i have not hardcoded any values. i have used config file thro re framework.
i have checked the client information also its perfect.


Ok. Could you please record video of your process running and upload there along with zip file and check once.

hello @naveen.dsn
once check the client information that you pass in SHA1 site.
might it will contain space


I got it … i used wrong mail id.
it got uploaded i got 100/100.

Thank you



Congrats bro. Happy Automation :smiley:

Congrats @naveen.dsn

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