Regarding Uipath Academy Assignment 1 Subtting Problem

I have Completed the Assignment 1 but while Submitting they give only 27 marks i followed the PDD also

Hello @Pradeep_Gawade

In the evaluation result of the assignment, they show how many records were there, how many were complete and correct. Can you show us a screenshot of that so that we can see what happened?

which screen shot i share??

In the evaluation screen of the assignment in the academy… where you see the results 27

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Cool… thanks…

So… see…here it says you have completed all 11 records, but only 3 are correctly completed. The most common issue people face is with the hash code generation formula. Can you check whether it is done properly as mentioned? You might also need to check for spaces in the values because it can cause issues.

This is also correct I am not getting exactly what is issues
I have been working last 2 days on this assignment

hash code generation formula


i putted on this way

The formula looks ok…

My concern is, is the values you get to those variables are correct? You might be having some spaces in the values. This is one of the most common issues people face. Can you try debugging the code and see what values those three variables get?

Add a breakpoint there and run the program in debug mode

actually what they want i don’t understand
i have checked values are also correct exactly

can the want also into the formula

we can not enter [ into the typeinto activity

how they check i dont understand the criteria

@Pradeep_Gawade If you’re confident that you’ve done the entire assignment correctly, please try the following:

  • Try running the entire process/assignment to completion before submitting. Make sure that no errors are shown after execution.
  • After running the assignment, please check the test data in the ACME test site and make sure that the WI5 properties were changed (i.e status = Completed).
  • Also don’t reset your test data before submitting as I’ve noticed that resetting the test data before submitting has caused others to have a failing mark in the assignment.

If these don’t work then you can try uploading your workflow here and I’ll take a look and see what might be changed.

Thanks First Assignment Sucessfully Completed