Regarding issue in reading special characters using typeinto activity

Hi All,
I am currently trying to open the file by dynamically passing name coming from excel column. E.g. XYNBjörn but since it has a special character ö, its skipping that character in TypeInto Activity passed via string variable as a result to this it is unable to find the find the file and resulting into exception.

Is there any way by which we can manage so that exact name can be fetch. I dont have option to change the ISO format to any supported format.

Appreciate your help.


i have tested this and it works on my end with TypeInto using both the string and the chr(246) form

After you read the string from Excel does a Message Box output the string correctly? This will elminate the TypeInto as the problem. If it doesn’t output after Excel correctly, then it’s the Read Range converting it or something. In that case, You might consider trying other storage methods like from a .txt or .CSV and use Read text file.


Thanks for your response. Unfortunately i cannot change the file format as it is coming from upstream system. If you directly enter hard coded value it works perfectly fine but if you are extracting from excel its a problem.

Another thing you could try is opening the file with Excel scope, then instead of using Read Range, use Read Cell. Then, see if the string comes in correctly. If not that, then you can open with Excel Scope and use Save As to a .CSV to convert it temporarily if Read text file works.

Just throwing some ideas out there.


Excel seems to be very heavy. It has many records. Although will not like to duplicate the file but Let me try to replicate the same with CSV file.