Read csv with german characters

Hi, I’m using the Read CSV activity on a csv file and export the contents into an xlsx. While the csv handles ö,ä,ü etc. just fine, the xlsx export (via Excel Application Scope) replaces these characters with some question mark character.

How do I fix this?

I set the encoding on the Read CSV activity to utf-8 already.

Is this purely related to the Read CSV activity or could some other activity be involved as well? I’m writing to excel and checked all my other activities to no avail.

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Hi @dpw

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you maybe share a sample .csv file for testing purposes?

Could you also try Excel workbook activities and see if the Write Range writes it properly?

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I’ve made a test case, but Im not allowed to upload it here.

This is the content of the csv.

Jörn Töhle

The Excel workbook Write Range activity also fails.

And thanks for the welcome chief.

Hi @dpw

Please see this sample project here: (2.0 KB)

It seems to be working correctly on my end.

The project was made with 2019.9.0-beta.103 version.


Hello Chief

I think my csv was wrongly saved … I done better now. Btw this is how your csv looks, weird.


Interesting. Could you share the actual csv file with the text in it saved on your machine? :slight_smile:

i have the same problem

In such cases a check e.g. with notepad++ of the csv file can help to check

  • for encoding set to use
  • encoding issues in the csv

then the read csv activity should be configured to the encoding set as applied in csv file

In case of corruption or Schmutzzeichen already present on the csv a correction is to plan (manually, tool based)

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I cant install notepad ++ on my workplace :frowning:

You might consider using the following encoding for German characters: ISO-8859-1.

This encoding is for most Western European languages and should do the job for German.

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Try CSV format UTF-16 BE. It worked for me! All Umlauts are there :smile: