Practice with ReFramework - Calculate Client Security Hash - Process finished due to no more transaction data

Hi everyone
I am doing the execercise Calculate Client Security Hash, and after execute the Get Transaction Data, where it was filter 2 rows to the data table.


I assign the out_Transactionfield1 and has a value

But my project ends always with “Process finished due to no more transaction data” because the TransactionItem is nothing


How can I give to the TransactionItem the value of out_transactionitem of get transaction data?

Can anyone help me ?

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I guess here you are not passing any value to TransactionItem from TransactionData table because of that TransactionItem holds nothing and going to End Process state.

You should check below condition in Get TransactionData workflow. Hope you are not using Orchestrator Queue’s here.

   IF in_TransactionNumber <= io_TransactionData.Rows.Count
        out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber - 1)
         pass values to TransactionField if required

          out_TransactionItem = Nothing

Hey @ricardottsilva

Kindly update two things in the Get Transaction.

  1. Condition based on transaction no and the data table row count

  2. Add assign in then block where you assign current data row to the out transaction item

  3. Add assign to else block where you assign nothing to out transaction item

Hope this helps


I am not using the orquestrator queue.

I am using a data table that I build in get transactions data. I have the following if in get transaction

the out_transactionitem has values but when goes to the process transaction the new transaction is empty.

I already try with out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber - 1) but didn’t work.


Can you remove the last Assign activity in the second if condition and then check once.

I have remove the last assign activity but the error still appears.


Can you please print the below value using Message Box activity before first IF condition and check DataTable row count.


Can you please run the process in Debug mode and check one by one value.