Reframework Queue

I am trying to do the following sequence using ReFramework

  • Login to Website
  • Navigate to desired page
  • Filter Data
  • Add the filter Data to queue
  • Process the data in the queue.

I have been able to get it to functionality to work, however I have the data to the queue as an excel file I would like it to follow the above sequence.

Current implementation is as below

  • Login to Website - Initialization Sequence
  • Navigate to desired page - Initialization Sequence
  • Filter Data - Initialization Sequence (Have the data as a Data Table)
  • Add the filter Data to queue -
  • Process the data in the queue. - ProcessTransaction

Where should I add the code so that the items are added to the queue after the extraction and I dont have to use the excel code above

Any help is much appreciated


HI @kaushiks1

There are different approaches to do this. Let me tell you two ways to handle it…

One is, you can use two REFramework solutions, one to upload the data to the queue and one to get the data from the queue and process it.

So in this case, in the the REFramework solution, in the init state, you will have the login, navigate to web page, data scraping and filtering. Now, use that filtered data in the TransactionData and use the TransactionItem to get the data to the process state. For this, transactionItem has to be of type data row. In the process state, you can add the data to the queue. This would be little bit slower as the queue is populated one record at a time.

The other approach is, use the init state to populate the queue as well after the data scraping and filtering using the bull queue upload as you did. Here, we do not need to have a excel sheet as we can directly use the datatable you got after the data scraping of the web site. Once all these happened in the Init state, you can use the get transaction item activity in the Get Transaction Data xaml of the same REFramework solution to point to the queue and retrieve the data. This is much more efficient and you can hanle the scenario in single solution as well.

Make sense?


Thank you for the quick response. Appreciate it much. :slight_smile:

Like you mentioned, the 2nd approach makes more sense. For approach #2, i am not sure how to populate the queue directly from the data table. This is my roadblock. Can you share more insight how to go about that ?

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Hi Lahiru, could you clarify if we don’t do anything in “Process Transaction” state in the second approach you have explained?

You can use Bulk Add Queue Items activity for the same.

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