Adding data from excel to queue

Hi in reframework iam using a excel to add data into the queue in Get transaction state . Once it is adding all data from excel into queue . Same data is adding into the excel again and again . How to stop the addition of data and how i can add those data into queue only once …Please suggest a best way…Thanks in advance

Once after you finish adding data to the queue, set transactionItem to Nothing

Karthik Byggari


Where i need to declare the set transactionItem as nothing …in set transaction workflow or get transaction workflow ??

You need to just add data to the queue in your project or in the same project you are processing the queue items?


In same project i need to add data into queue from excel …It is fetching the same data from excel into queue multiple times …Like for example iam having 5 data items in excel, once i run the excel it is adding 5 data from excel into queue …once those are processed and successful …Again the same 5 items are adding into same queue …

How you are getting the queue items and which state (process) you are processing them?


Iam using get queue item for adding into queue and the out transaction item from queue is used in process state for processing in Reframework

Hi @Raj_Deepak

try to give a condition whether added queue data .equals out transaction


ashwin S