ReFramework Question on data row

Hi Team,
Please tell me how to convert data table to data row in ReFramework and where.
Please brief.

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Hi @AsadPathan2665

Initialization State

  • Depending on when and where you want to convert a DataTable to a DataRow, you can perform the conversion in the Init state.
  • Use an Assign activity to convert the DataTable to a DataRow. For example, if your DataTable is named dt
    outDataRow = dt.Rows(0)

GetTransactionData State

  • If you need to convert a DataTable to a DataRow as part of extracting transaction data, you can do it in the GetTransactionData state.
  • For example, if you’re using a DataTable named dtTransactions, and you want to process each row in the Process state
    outDataRow = dtTransactions.Rows(0)

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @AsadPathan2665

If you want to use the data row instead of queue item. Check the below video, you will get brief idea about it and the video has plenty of information from end to end.

Hope it helps!!

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