DataRow in Reframework

Actually we are not using Orchestrator so we have to use data row in place of queue item. But i m not getting how. From where can we get the clarity on get transaction and data row in the reframework…

Hi @Tanvi_Sharma

If you are not using the orchestrator, the data to be processed will be stored in data table.

You have to process one data row at a time by looping thru the data table.

In Get Transaction Data, take one data row at a time and In process state, process the data row.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks @KarthikByggari

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Hi @Tanvi_Sharma

I am also working with data table using Re Framework. My retry mechanism is not working. Can you tell me where I am suppose to change so that it can start working?


@Atul_Rai we need to change in config where in constant sheet maximum number of retry is given. Secondly you can also give a retry activity wherever required.

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Hi @Tanvi_Sharma,

Thanks for your reply. I will update and check. I need one more help to understand the re framework.

If my TransactionData have 50 rows and the some system error occur while processing 24th row then how the ReFramework will behave?

  1. Will it start processing all transaction again ? OR
  2. Will it start from the 25th row and after finishing all the transactions it will retry 24th row? (if answer is YES then)
    2.1 How the robot comes to know the status of the failed transaction?

Hope my question is clear

Hi @KarthikByggari how i can take one data row at a time ?

datarow = yourDT.Rows(index)



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