Reframework Activity

Hi I have two columns say “Cash_in” and “Cash_out” in excel.
I am using reframe work
what must be my transcationItem.
if it is of type datarow:“cashIn” and “Cash_out”) is dis crct?

@KarthikBallary, that depends on what you want to pass as a transaction item from Get Transaction to Process Transaction.

If you want to pass a DataRow then yes, it is of type System.Data.DataRow

I want to pass get cash_in and cash_out values to process transcation

so which one could be better?
I will read excel file in init state. How to convert that data table to data row in get transcation state?

Change the type of transaction item from QueueItem to DataRow.

This could be a bit tricky so make sure you change it throughout the flow before you run. If not, it will throw random conversion errors.

I am getting If a new item is fetched Grab it’s significant data for logging:value cannot be null