ReFramework Pdf Automation directory Issue

i am using PDF Automation using Re framework.
i used directory activities in Seq-getinputfiles.xaml ----Directory.GetFiles(in_config(“InputFilesFolder”).ToString)
in process.xaml.—Directory.GetFiles(in_TransactionItem)
i am getting error below like.

how to solve this issue …
can any one help to me. (4.0 MB)

The value of your inputFilesFolder is wrong, it should be a folder path eg C:\TestFolder

the issue is not Folder…it showing how many files is in folder … see below

the main issue is >>> initAllaplication and process.xaml. directory issue i am not able handle this

Because each transaction_item is a file name… e.g. “Utility (1).pdf”

Then in “Process” sequence, you used Directory.GetFiles(transaction_item), so it wont work since transaction_item is a file name, not a folder name!

ok. instead of that(folders)how to read pdf data ? how to handle this ?
can you please give solution…