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Hi All,

I am new to UiPath. Can anyone help me out with my current scenario is Input folder having different Pdf files Such as Invoices, PO…etc., but here i need to check whether the pdf files is an invoices/PO based that I need to Extract the data from particular Xaml in process Transaction Data Stage. How can i do ?

Can anyone provide example in Reframework related to my scenerio.


you can use the transactionData=directory.getfiles(filepath,*pdf) in the init state
so make transaction item as string
in the get transaction state you can use each of the file path as one transaction item
in the process state you can check the fields in the file and accoding to the invoice number or PO number you can set a condition and invoke the workflow file for the implementation accordingly

hope this helps.

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I will check and Let me Know

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