Process All Files in a Directory using RE Framework

Hello Everyone,

I need to Open the file as transaction in REframework,
and perform some actions on pdf,
I have a folder which contains list pdf files I am trying to retrieve them as transaction data without using ques , so that for each file I will read and fetch required data in Process and move the file and picks next transaction item and repeats for all the files. can anyone please explain how could this be achieved

Hi @jyothi_M.B,

For that you need to change some variable types and activities,

In Main.xaml,

  1. Change TransactionData variable’s datatype to String[]

  2. Change TransactionItem variable’s datatype to String

In GetTransactionItem.xaml,

  • For the first time read, you need to assign

    • io_TransactionData = Directory.GetFiles("YourDirectoryPath")
  • Below that use the assign activity,

    • If (io_TransactionData.Count <= in_TransactionNumber)

      • then assign, out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber)
      • else assign, out_TransactionItem = None

Finally change the data type of Transaction Data and Transaction Item’s Data Type to String[] and String respectively.

After all set, you can do the process in the process.xaml file.


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