REFramework, no queue, only datarow, how to handle businessexception retaining values

REFramework, no queue, only datarow (datatable input from Excel)

      • When the Process.xaml discovers error in the input, I want this TransacionItem to stop (not finishing the rest of the Process).
      • I want the values belonging to the TransactionItem to be held/kept/retained all the way to the the SetTransactionStatus.xaml, where the BusinessException will be written/logged into the excelsheet to tell the employees what went wrong.

What is the trick I am missing? :wink:

Hi @bjorn2390
You can easily achive this

Business Rule Exception occurs when the data has some validation error , so to tackle that u can use if condition to validate and then if it is data is not validated as per the condition , then use throw activity to throw the Business rule Exception and then ur process automatically go the next transactionitem


Nived N
Happy Automation

But Throw throws all the values? I want to keep my values to mention them for the customer.
"The phonenumber " + phonenumber + " is not valid at " + indexnr.tostring

Did u need to write that in excel ?

That is what is wanted, sir :slight_smile:

OK. You gave me the inspiration to find another solution, @NIVED_NAMBIAR. My solution became to move one of my sections earlier in the workflow, and this did the solution. You see, Iā€™d already put different outcomes, and all of them gives the customer warnings in each of their Excel files. The phone number was just a fictitious excample. For some reason, the example of phone numbers is often used on YouTube videos and so on. I guess it is something it is easy to relate to.

Thanks, man! :raising_hand_man: