ReFramework - Can't get the next transaction item even though it hits a business exception

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I Can’t get the next transaction item even though it hits a business exception.

In Try/Catch I have Declared the Error Coming Statement,

“Error/ Business Exception”
“Reset to Back to Queue”
Throw → (New BusinessException “Business Excep”)

Issue, Is it is not moving to next Transaction Statement. Can you please what was the Issue ?

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In the Throw write like below

New BusinessRuleException(“Your Message”)

Hope this may help you


Hi @Jayavignesh_G
Can u share the screenshot of process please?


Are you inside a REFramework?

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Hi @Jayavignesh_G
Are u adding a try catch section inside the process.xaml ,

Yes yes…

Well u don’t need to add try catch for business exception scenarios u are talking about as Reframework defaulty is able to handle that

Like when a business exception is thrown automatically it moves to next transaction skipping other steps


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So, Only Throw Need to be Given ?? and When we use Try/Catch any issue will come ??

Yes, with appropraite condition give throw only, so when the business exception comes, reframework can handle it by goin through the exception and thus moving to next transaction.

Try Catch can be used for internal exception handling [ i did not remember where we can use it exactly], but there are cases where we can utilise as well

Also, please understand the structure RE Framework as well, go through every states and sequences so that u can understand how the process work in RE Framework

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Okay… So, I will take a Element Exist Activity , If it is False then, I will go back to the Queue View(to Pick next Transaction) then “Throw”. Hope it will work. So, By using this Process will not be ended correct ?? It will move to next Element ??

And Inside Throw → New BusinessRuleException(“Message”)… Am i Correct ??

Hi @Jayavignesh_G

Yes , when the element doesn’t exist in the else section put the throw activity so that it will thrown the business exception


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Hi @Vajrang , can you explain… tagging him…


Are we working with the same REframework? You can obviously use a Try & Catch inside the Process.xaml and put a Throw in the Catch block. It will not impact the all process. I am using this if I want to handle separately each error. Try& Catch should be used for application exceptions because you’ll enter the Catch block only if an error is thrown. Please show us the architecture of your try&catch block and we’ll help you!

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Still now Working… Flow is getting Stopped after Exception. Not Moving to next Transaction element in Queue.

So, you are saying that, Do i need to use Try/Catch inside Process XML ??

FYI- You know that, Process Xaml will alreadySurrounded by Try/catch inside the flow to catch Exception we need to use the “Try/Catch” and In Catch we have throw the Exception ??


It depends on how you want to handle errors. If you want a specific action to be executed for each action, then yes. If no, stay with the standard REframework. Yes, the Process.xaml is already surrounded by a Try&Catch, you can see it in the Main.xaml when you double click on “Process” :

As you can see below, when you throw a BusinessException inside the Process.xaml, it is catched here. Open the catches to see what happens. Therefore, in the Finally part (highlighted in yellow) you have the Invoke Workflow for the SetTransactionStatus.xaml :

Here, the actions for each kind of error are described.

Open each part, I am sure you’ll understand the architecture!

Do not hesitate if you need more information.

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