Business Exception Steps

Hey, I’m using REFramework for my process and I need to compare some data against an excel sheet and check whether these data are duplicated within the excel or not, if yes, it should throw a business exception, send an email to the client and then go to the next transaction. I used throw, try-catch, throw and try-catch but none of them triggers the bot to move to the next transaction. What is the right way to use business exceptions? I though by just using a throw activity and specifying the type of exception would trigger the bot to move to next transaction.

To throw a business exception, you use the Throw activity with parameter New BusinessRuleException("Exception message"), where “Exception message” is the message you want to display to describe the business exception.

Yes that’s exactly what I did, and by that way it should stop the current transaction and move to next transaction right?

In the REFramework, yes.

I have tried it multiple times, it just throws the exception, sends an email and stops the process with a message saying “ Process finished due to no more transaction data” although I do have more transactions.

@nouf_alhammad - is there more data for the second transaction to process? Can you check your TransactionItem datatable?
You can add a Break Point in Get Transaction Data to debug

Also, are you handling the Business Rule Exception in Catch?

I tried that but didn’t work as intended, now it works but just using a throw activity.