In REF wants to continue to next value even if business exception occured


I am solving the REFramework example. In Process.xaml, I need to continue
by skipping data scrapping sequence with next datarow even if it is success or the business rule exception is occurred. Can someone please suggest me the way to do that? I stuck here since 4-5 days.

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@saili - Create a Transaction activity between → Get Transaction Data & Process Transaction states and define your rules. like below-
Source : Process Transaction
Condition : BusinessRuleException IsNot Nothing
Destination : Get Transaction Data

@GBK, It is mentioned in example that I need to scrap data in process.xaml and also loop throgh it in same file.

Inside the process
→ perform data scrape activity
→ do the for each activity for the extracted data
→ add try/catch block inside the for each activity body sequence
→ add exceptions & business rule exceptions to that and add continue to the next row when there is a exception.

@GBK, How i can go to the next row if exception occured.

use the continue activity in exception → it will move to the next row.


Hi @saili

Just use throw activities and issue the bussiness rule exception. then reframe work will skip the process and go to the next process.

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Thank You So much @GBK :smiley:

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