Data extraction from pdf Using ReFrame work

how to use your normal work flow of PDF data extraction using regex implementation into re-frame work. i am confused because of transaction data and other variable. i can do web scraping and other stuff but PDF extraction i don’t get it please help me

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I know the basics but plenty of gurus out there can help.

  1. You should ensure you have the UiPath PDF package installed. Click on manage packages, official and search for PDF.

  2. From there you should be able to use a ‘Get Text’ activity. This will allow you read a PDF and store it as a string.

  3. Insert a ‘Matches’ activity. The input variable will be the PDF output variable from step 2.

  4. Insert your regex. Output variable.

  5. Write line for output variable in step 4.

Do you need help with Regex?

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i already created in flow chart pdf extraction but i need to do it in reframe work …

Sorry - I don’t know what you mean when you say reframe work :frowning:

Thank you for helping me , i mean say i need to PDF data extraction process through Robotics Enterprise Frame Work. i have already did process that extract data from pdf and stored in excel file flow chart . now i need this process in Re-Frame work.

Maybe attach your workflow if you can.

It could be a number of things.