REFramework Doubts - Looping

Hello all,

I have one doubt about the looping:
1.1 - Let’s suppose I need to have TWO loopings: The first Data Table to loop will be:
[Countries] - Ireland, Brazil, United States, Colombia.

Therefore each country I’ll run the full process!

1.2 - After, I will run another looping to collect data related to some states inside of the country, therefore I’ll have a new looping:

[Ireland] and [Leinster], after going through Leinster, [Ulster]. When it is done,
[Brazil] and [Sao Paulo], after going through Sao Paulo, [Rio de Janeiro]. Etc…

Because what I did was to have the TransactionItem as DataRow because I do not want to work with Queues.

1.3 - io_dt_TransactionData = The first Data Table with the countries name… But how later I will loop the states too?

1.4 - io_dt_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber).Item(0).ToString to know which Country I am running the looping.

And another doubt:

1 - When I have a variable on Get Data, how can I access it on Process? I created already a variable on the ‘’ main workflow ‘’ to have it global BUT I still can’t access when I go to Initialize, Process or Get Data…

Thank you!


  1. How did you store the countries?
  2. From get data create an argument and you can pass across as well



In the get transaction state

You need to place a if activity condition as


Then block use assign activity

Out_transactionitem =io_dttrandactiondata(inTransactionNumber-1)

Out_transactionitem is of type datarow

In the process inTransactionitem is a argument change its datatype to datarow

You can use it accordingly as per your scenario

Hi @strlearner09

is get states data a sub process for Countries?

You can put you Get State Data in the end of the Country full process (if it is a sub process) or you can check if no more data to be process (transaction item) and then run a workflow to get state data as a final step of your execution

Also you can build your Transaction Data in Init with the two types of transaction, country and state, then in process you check if the currently transaction is Country or State, going to right branch

About Global Variable, you can create it using Global Variable options as describe in the link below or create argument and pass across the workflow as mentioned by Anil_G


  1. I stored in a Data Table.
  2. I tried but didn’t work out. The colleague mentioned a way above, I’ll give a try.