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I am new to ReFramework and still learning. I am building a test ReFramework based on the project shown here: UiPath Invoke Workflow file Activity|UiPath RPA Tutorial - YouTube

I was able to extract and build a Excel data (see 5.3 xaml), but when I do process the datatable (see 3.1 or 6.2 xaml) using ‘For each row’, it won’t stop. I believe I need to do something on GetTransactionData or Process, but I am not sure.

Attached is my Main xaml draft:
Main.xaml (63.5 KB)

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @ultrarunner,

Try you can use Break Activity inside for each row. It will exit from for each row activity.

The framework will take care of the looping if coded and configured properly.

Once you get the data from the excel into a dataTable assign TransactionData to the DataTable.
TransactionItem (DataRow) will become the item in the dataTable.
For example:
1st Transaction Item will be TransactionData.Rows(TransactionNumber-1).
TransactionNumber (Int32) in another entry in the Framework that is default to 1. This will be used to track the row (a counter).
The transactionNumber is incremented by 1 in the SetTransactionStaus (This will pick up the next DataRow)

Hope this helps.

Hi @anjaneevaraprasad,

Thank you for your suggestion. I put “string.isnullorempty(row(0).tostring)” in a if condition, but it does not stop. A weird thing is it was fine when writing to Excel, but typing into a website caused this problem.


Hi @SowmyaLeo,

Does it mean that I don’t need to use For each row in ReFramework? I am very new to the framework, so it is difficult to understand how TransactionData, TransactionItem and TransactionNumber work. Do you have any good reference to learn more about this?

Is this a right way to assign TranactionData to the DT?


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Hi SowmyaLeo,

Actually, after reading your comments, I checked other samples and figured out the problem. As you suggested, I removed ‘For each row’ and assigned each column to in_TransactionItem(“column name”.ToString). Now my framework is working fine. Thank you so much for your comments!

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@ultrarunner - please mark whichever reply solved your query as a solution as that makes it easier for others who face the issue identify the solution easily.

Also - please do the UiPath academy courses (Level1 , Level 2 and Level3) if you have not already done so . That will definitely help with understanding things better, and as always any doubts the community is here to help.

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