Reframe work loop is not getting iterrated

by using reframe work i am downloading the data from portal and comparing by my existing data, so i have DT1 which is existing data and DT2 downloaded data and i am passing DT1 in TransactionData and filtering that data by status “new” or “failed” , if row count is >0 then passing TransactionItem=TransactionData(0), while i am executing the process only first row is getting passed every time, can any one help me for the same so i can iterrate the loop for every row in DT1.

Whether you deleted the “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” file from the workflow??..

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Use TransactionNumber as below for the next iteration,
"TransactionItem=TransactionData(TransactionNumber-1) "
Keep default value of TransactionNumber as “1” in the variable panel.


first i have comment out “SetTransactionStatus.xaml” file from the workflow, then it was only working only for the first row and now when i have removed that comment then it is executing for only 2nd row.

Because inside SetTransactionStatus.xaml file TransactionNumber will be incremented automatically.

where i should use "TransactionItem=TransactionData(TransactionNumber-1) ".?

In GetTransaction state, inside the “GetTransactiondata” workflow.
Pass your TransactionNumber and TransactionData(datatable) inside “GetTransactiondata” workflow using the arguments.

Please find attached ss for your reference, i have assinged inside “GetTransactiondata” workflow.

Can you send me the whole reframework workflow?

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sorry but i can’t share the whole workflow.


In If condition put the condition as,
In_TransactionNumber <= RowCount.

ss attached for Get Transaction Data & Set transaction status,
let me no where it is going wrong

No need of changing Set Transaction status,
In out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber-1).
In If Condition,
in_TransactionNumber <= RowCount.
And don’t forget to pass the TransactionNumber to SetTransactionStatus.