Reframework-don't do an action when an error occurs

good afternoon

I am using the framework by uploading data to the orchestrator through queues
but when I get an error or when an error occurs with the ref “this happens because the page I use has many errors”

I upload the data again and it’s something I don’t want to happen, try to put an if condition

retry number = 0 read the data
if it is not equal to 0 you should not read the data

but still read the data

any suggestions?



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@borismh: One way to do it would be to:

  1. throw an exception when you get an error
  2. In catch, a new boolean variable - continueProcess, set to False.
  3. In Get TransactionData, to the ShouldStop If Condition, add, “And Not continueProcess”
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May I know what action you would like to do when such error occurs
Kindly elaborate that pls
Cheers @borismh


What happens is that in my REF it reads the data and uploads it to the orchestrator through queues and then I use it for the process, what I want is that when an error occurs, I will no longer upload the data to the orchestrator because it accumulate and would double work the robot