I want to finish workflow if Error occurs

Hi, all.

I want to finish my workflow if Error occurs.
Now I use Try/Catch activity and Catch is correct.
But after Catch method, the originally workflow is going on.

I want to do below
・When Error occurs → To show Message box
・User clicks 「OK」 button
・Robot ends its workflow

Please tell me how to solve this.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi, do you use REFramework?

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t use it.

I recommend you to use this framework to solve your issue.

this framework is good for project because of it’s already cover for error exception, queue, asset and screenshot.


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I wonder if I can do this without using REFramework.

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You can do it but more effort.

Hi, You can add THROW activity inside your catch. It will terminate your workflow.:blush:

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Thanks for the reply.
I use THROW activity but it doesn’t work.

Main has thrown an exception
Source: Throw
Message: Error
Exception Type: Exception

Please tell me…

Replace THROW with RETHROW.
And for the message box.
insert message box before RETHROW.
input ‘exception.message’ to your message box.

it will end your workflow without executing the proceeding activities.

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Thanks for your idea.
This case occurs Exception Message?

Yes incase you want to know where the error occurs.

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Thank you :slight_smile: