Retry Order in REFramework

Hello Everyone

I am currently working on a project in REFramework. Everything is running smoothly but I have stumbled across a small caveat in my set-up. The process itself works through a transaction item in an inhouse developed website, working the case per step. So if you complete one step, that transaction item is now in Step 2 of the process, and cannot go back to step 1. So here is the problem, if the process encounters a system error in step 2 or 3, it retries. But the retry goes back to the first step instead of picking up where it left.
So in the case of a system error, the robot can not work the case any longer.
Is there a way to tell the robot to skip X amount of steps if the error was encountered in step Y? How could I Do this? Decision activities with a condition on a specific exception?
If someone has an idea, that would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

You will have to handle this from code itself. Use conditions to check the state of the transaction and skip if it is already completed.


As you said, you are using REFramework right.
If any error occurs then it will retry entire transaction and it won’t skip any steps. If you want to do this you have to put some extra conditions to skip that steps.