ReFramework not passing exceptions 'up' the framework


I am fairly new with the ReFramework and the Try/Catch Activity and am struggling with some error handling.

When I get to the ‘Process’ section of the framework and invoke the workflow, I have a series of ‘If’ activities that dictates the path that it will take. The final activity at the end of the series is another ‘Invoke Workflow’ activity.

I have added Try/Catch activities to each level of the workflow with the System.Exception as the Catch and the ‘Terminate Workflow’ activity within it. The issue I’m facing is that whenever there is an error within the final workflow, it causes the workflow to attempt the same activity 4 times and then stop.

What I want, is for the workflow to end and move to the ‘End Process’ state no matter what exception it brings back.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

The ReFramework is designed to be transnational, and allow the robot to throw an exception in a ‘transaction’ (which can be defined as one pass through the process layer with one queitem/datarow/other transaction variable) and instead of causing the robot to stop, it will try to ‘log’ the exception, retry it, and then move on.

For the scenario you describe, either the framework is trying 4 transactions, or is set to retry a transaction 3 times (hence 4 loops through).

What is your ‘transaction’ in this case? do you know if you have retry settings set up for 3 retries?

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in my config file the retry number is set to 0, and we set the workflow up so that it will only grab one transaction number at a time. we pass the transaction item argument into the workflow which is a datarow, and then convert the columns to variables for use in the ‘If’ activities. we then pass some of those variables into the final invoked workflow.

Hi @nedenfield

what you need to do is change the transition from

To the below transition

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