REFramework - Get Transaction Data question

In my REFramework I am planning to initialize application in init phase.

Then I want to add a GetData.xaml before GetTransactionData.xaml

In GetData.xaml I have to do some filtering and processing in the web application to fetch data from the application and to add to DataTable.

This DataTable, I plan to give input to GetTransaction Data. Loop through the rows and pass each data row to ProcessTransaction.

Is this valid? Can GetData be with in GetTransaction Data? In the provided REFramework template I find TransactionData Datatable as input to “GetTransaction.xaml”, the reason I put the GetData.xaml before GetTransactionData.xaml

Please advise. Thank you so much,


Yes you can do if you are not using queues then this will work

If you want to use queues

Create a workflow named like getdata and do what ever you want to filter and place that in the fisrt run in the intialization