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If I am not using QUeues, is it okay if I keep entire process in the Process transaction state of REframework. That is if I remove get transaction and retry retry transaction- what am I losing? Please suggest.

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Hi @A_Learner

If you don’t want to use queues, you can directly do the process in sequence copy the InitAllSettings xaml and Data folder present in RE Framework to your Project folder and use it in sequence.


If you want to handle exceptions then and want to Use RE Framework removing of Get Transaction Data is not a best Practice. Send any file path to the queue and retrieve the same file path in the Process Transaction State and complete your workflow.



Can you tell your requirement they may be we can suggest a better

if you want to remove all of thsoe why do you need REF at all?

Instead just set retry count to 0 and if it is a linear process then change your transaction item and use

or if it is transactional basis but not with queues then also you can change transactionitem as you need and pass values for each iteration to Process.xaml


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