ReF with dictionary

I have a dictionary of string, datatable
key-> invoice no
Value-> extracted data from the invoice

can I use this Dictionary as the transaction Data in ReF?
if yes pls give some ideas on how to do it.


Yes, you can use the dictionary as a transaction item to process it in ReF.
In GetTransaction xaml, you can pass the key, and value pair to the transaction item.

Please provide the details of where the dictionary is stored and process so that we can design the ReF according to the requirement.

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Hey @Rajeena_M

You need to do the following steps,

  1. Change the type of TransactionItem variable to key value pair type

  2. Disable GetTransaction activity

  3. In the Get Transaction pass the dict.ElementAt(TransactionNumber) to the TransactionItem variable

  4. Disable SetTransactionActivity

Hope this helps



Thanks for the response.

Dictionary is not the transaction item for me .
what I have is a dictionary of data tables.
was trying to loop through the dict and get the dt to Q , which i read is not possible. So now changed to loop through the Dt and get rows and q Items.

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