How to use a Transaction Item as a Datable?

Hello good people,

I need guidance on how I can output a dataTable as a whole in the GetTransactionData.xaml and I pass it to the Process.xaml as input.

Kindly advise.

Kakooza Allan Klaus


May I know your input data i.e. TransactionData ?

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Thanks for your quick response @lakshman
It is a fileInfo(excel) that I read using read range to convert it into a dataTable


And also one more question - Do you want to process entire DataTable at once or one by one row in Process Transaction state ?

if you dont want to loop it you can skip getTransactionData,

drag success/business exception to “end process” and “system exception” to initiailization (for retry)

then for process.xaml / setTransactionStatus.xaml , set type of in_tranactionItem = Datatable, and pass in transactionData (you can delete transaction item)

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Just by mere going through it this solutions for my problem
Thanks a lot @jack.chan

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What condition do you’ve in the T1 Transition


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