I'm practicing reframwork and need help


I want to add the numbers from column1 ~ 3 and store them in column4.

But the problem is GetTransactionData state does not switch to process.

How can I solve this problem?

P.S I did not touch the init state.

you can get rows one by one
like a datarow as transactionitem
–so once after getting the datarow as item, say
out_TransactionItem = TransactionItem.Rows(0)
where out_TransactionItem is the variables of type datarow (kindly check once with the variable name alone) while TransacttonItem is a datatable
–use a assign activty and do like this
out_value = Array.ConvertAll(out_TransactionItem.ItemArray,Function(x) integer.Parse(x)).sum
where out_value is a int32 variable which will have the sum of these three values

hope this would help you
Cheers @Hyun

Hi @Hyun

Use assign activity within for each

Row(“Column4”). ToString=row(1). ToString+row(2). ToString+row(3). ToString


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I want to do addition in process state.

Can you put out_TransactionItem = TransactionItem.Rows(0) in GetTransactionData.xaml workflow?

Fine can i have a view onthe get transaction data in your workflow a screenshot if possible
Cheers @Hyun