How to define TrasactionItem as datatable type in REF

Hi Team,

How should i pass datatable into Process.xaml in ReFramework.
Do we have anything as Global through which we can read excel sheet and declares its output(Datatable) as Global and can be used in Process.xaml.

Many Thanks


You can make transaction data as data table and pass row item as transaction item.

Or in Get Transaction , Pass it as Array of Datatable for io_Transaction data and output will be Datatable will can be passed to Process xaml

Yes you can … but to make RE framework use in a better way ,
Make transaction data as datatable and read the excel into the table in init state and inside get transaction data assign each item of data table into transaction item by using transaction number as row index and in process complete that particular transaction and in process finally decide to move next number or retry in case of error

Thanks @Krishna_547 can you please provide me example ?
I need to read separate excel sheet and whose data i need to use in Process.xaml

Gaurav Bhargava