REF framework is different from tutorials


I am beginning with advanced certification and was able to find that REF framework is different from what is mentioned in the docs/video tutorial.

For instance, I only see the in_config argument now with recent download of community edition whereas earlier, I was able to find few other arguments for Constants and Settings sheet in Excel. Can you please let me know what is the issue here? Is it to do with my version of Uipath or the framework has been enhanced?

My Uipath version is 2019.1.0

Please note that I selected “Robotic Enterprise Framework” from the start menu after launching Uipath. I didn’t download it from Github. Aren’t these two supposed to be the same?


Which version should I be using for Advanced certification? I don’t think I have options to download old version of Uipath to do advanced certification. Can you please help


Hi @Selvasathappan

In which invoke workflow activity you’re finding only in_config where you’re expecting more?

hello @reda,

In the “InitAllSettings.xaml” workflow

I tried to reproduce the same thing so I created a REFramework project on the same version 2019.1.0 .

I end up having three arguments in the InitAllSettings.xaml invoke like the image below:

but if you go to InitAllApplication.xaml invoke you will find only in_config in arguments like the image below :

@reda Thanks for the response. I understand now.

Can you also please direct me to a resource other than academy if you know any to understand the REF framework.


Well the best resource to learn ReFramework is here in UiForum, so just search for everything here and you will find the right answers.

Try to locate yourself within the activities, a big part of understanding the ReFramework is to know which is doing what.

@reda - Can you please help me with the below question?

I am not sure whether it is because of orchestrator

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Hello @reda - Can you please help me with the below post?