HI all

Iam trying example in uipath academy of advanced iam stuked in uipath demo reframewrok ,below can find screenshot …


Have you declared in_configFile and in_configSheets arguments or not ?

Could you please go to that exclamation mark and tell me what is exact error.

Hi @rohanjs94

When you invoke this workflow, what arguments are you passing to it?

Could you post an image like this:

showing the invoke method and the arguments being passed to it?

i have uploaded main file aruguments and initallsettings arguments…plz help me out


Your error is the the capitalization of your argument names. In the arguments tab you have ‘in_ConfigSheets’ but in your activity you have ‘in_configSheets’.
Change one to match the other and you should be good to go

Hope this helps!

its working now,…thanks alot

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