Reduce UiPath footprint on C drive


Is it possible to configure the Robot & Studio to save their package in another location than %USERPROFILE%.nuget\Packages ?
We would like to reduce bot footprint to avoid adding more and more space to C drive and move them to D drive.

Thank you

@mittol_ldc - pls have a look on

@GBK I’m sorry but I don’t find any field in this page that explain how to move what is stored in %USERPROFILE%.nuget\Packages to another location.
Bots are connected to Orchestrator so NuGetServerUrl or ActivitiesFeed are not relevant.


I didn’t try it but you might be interested by the following ressource:

After some discussion with the support, it’s possible since 18.4.4 version.
There is a command line argument to be used which is PACKAGES_FOLDER
This argument can take token like %USERNAME% in order to have one folder per bot.

More details available here :


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