Package download location out of user profile


Somebody know how i can change the directory in which the packages are downloaded?
I am using the orchestrator and my Robot Machines automatically download all packages in the user profile. These profiles are roaming (company standards) and i am getting into trouble because this .nuget folder gets quite large

Note that i do not want to change the location in the UiPath settings file (i have an orchestrator)

I would like to change that to a consistent d: drive.

Any tips?

Regards Jort.

Hey @JortB,

I have exactly the same problem. I changed the Destination Path in some of the Nuget.config Files but had no luck. I could actually change the place where the Robot is downloading to but it still did not work because the robot could not handle it.

After that I contacted Technical Support. This is their reply:

Thank you for reaching out to us!
This is a restriction as of now, we are implementing few changes and you will be able to customize the location of .nuget folder. This change is expected to be available in 2019.1 version of UiPath.

And that has not been released yet.

Thnx for the update. I check it out as soon as possible.

No problem, please mark my Answer as solution thanx :wink:

It has been actually shipped recently in the newest 2018.4.4, see here:


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