Running Out Of Space On The C: Drive Where The Robot Is Storing The Nuget Package

How to maintain the storage locations of a Robot?

There is lack of space on the C: Drive where the BOT is storing the NuGet Packages. It needs to be determined how to configure to move this to the E Drive as the BOTS used up 6GB of space in a day.

A routine needs to be developed to maintain the BOT and all the locations that could be storing information.

NuGet Packages Configuration

  • Installing the packages in a different location can be configured during the installation or after the installation of the UiPath Studio/Robot.
  • Follow the below steps:During the installation of UiPath Studio\Robot:
  • Adding the PACKAGES_FOLDER parameter in the command line enables the change of the download location of your workflows and their dependencies for Studio and/or Robot.
  • If this parameter is not provided, the default folder is %userProfile%\\.nuget\\packages.

Note 1: This parameter was added from the 2018.4.4 version of the UiPath Studio.msi. Any version lesser than this wouldn't have this parameter with the .msi file. Refer Command Line Parameters for more details on this.
Note 2: User specific package locations are recommended if your robots are high density robots. In order to do this, one can pass %username% variable in the command line for the PACKAGES_FOLDER attribute.

After the installation of UiPath Studio\Robot:
To change the packages or the activities path after the Studio\Robot is setup, UiPath.Config is the file that needs to be looked for.
Under the node, add a line as follows: .

Note: Restart the UiPath Robot service (Type: services.msc in the run command -> Search for UiPath Robot) after making the changes .

Logs location Configuration. Change the log folder by changing NLog.config in "C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio".ie. If change in all logs, then update "LogDirectory".
Refer Target Of Execution Logs .

Note:: Restart the UiPath Robot service (Type: services.msc in the run command -> Search for UiPath Robot) after making the changes.

Deleting NuGet packages: Be informed, deletion of the nuget packages folder can be performed, however ensure no process is running currently while deleting.

Locations used by UiPath: Below locations are used by UiPath by default
  • %programdata%\UiPath
  • %localappdata%\UiPath
  • %userprofile%\.nuget
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Hi @system,

The line to be added to the node in UiPath.Config, is as follows :