Publishing project to shared drive

We have deployed a standalone attended UiPath bot, which is not connected to orchestrator. We currently publish from our studio servers and move the NuGet package into the %PorgramData%\UiPath\Packages folder, where they then appear in the robot tray for install/update, and they can be run from there - all good so far.

What we would like however is for the Robot to take the NuGet packages from a different location, i.e. a shared location which the studio bots are publishing into, therefore making the publishing/updating loop as automated as possible.

I know that in order to do this you should change the “NuGetServerURL” perimeter in the UiPath.SETTINGS file in %ProgramData%\UiPath. So i did this, but after restarting the bot service, there was no change to the behaviour of the robot, it was still looking for packages in the %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages folder, despite there being a different file path in the “NuGetServerURL” parameter in the SETTINGS file.

Even more mysterious is that after doing some playing around, I’m almost 100% certain that the robot is not looking at that settings file at all, because renaming or removing it does not affect the bot behaviours at all, it still sees that packages from the %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages folder every time.

Hi @sudarshan,
This is because of security reason. Someone who is not allowed to do anything in that location could change something in your files causing unwanted actions made by robot etc. That’s why all packages are running only from that location and are secured to be maintained only by admins. You can read more here: