Redirect Outlook Emails

I am working on Salesforce automation wherein some emails need to be forwarded to Email to Case for which it is important to include recipients of the original email. If I set auto forward rule in microsoft exchange, then it is redirecting the emails (everyone in To, CC & BCC is included), but on using forward mail message activity it removes all this data. Is there a way to redirect emails rather than forwarding them through UiPath?


when you are reading the received mails store the From and CC mail addresses in variables, when you are forwarding mails provide the same variables in Forward mail activity.

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But then, the recipients will get the email again which we don’t want.

Okay @DGA

You don’t want to forward the received mail. You want to send a new mail to the Recipients…?

If I am right, Then use the Send Outlook Mail Message activity to send a new mail to the Target Recipients.

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I want to redirect the email to another email address so that the email addresses in To, CC, BCC do not get removed/changed. If I forward the email and mark the people in CC, BCC, then they’ll get the same email again which I don’t want.

Generally if you forward any mail to the new persons the Receipients will not receive the mail again… It just forward to the newly specified persons in To, CC, BCC… @DGA

Scenario in UiPath is also same, you can forward the received mail by using forward mail activity and specify the new perons in To, CC, BCC then it will be forwarded to new persons not to old recipients.

Hope you understand!!

I think I was not clear in my explanation. Let me try again with an example.

I get an email from person A with B & C in CC. I would like to redirect this email to D with A, B & C in To/CC. If I manually forward the email to D and mark A, B & C in CC, then they’ll get the email again which is not needed.

The auto forward of microsoft exchange makes it happen but not if I forward the email manually.