Outlook latest emails sending/forward activities issues

Hello Friends,
I have a question regarding : sending or forwarding latest email in a outlook account towards another email account.

i am facing a problem.
I built my robot to use outlook account (named: A) and send (or forward) the latest email (included its .PDF attachment) received toward another email account (named: B).

I showing in picture below how my bot is built and the activities i used for this module (Sending email)

The problem i have is:
my bot is sending not the newest email received but the previous one
In other words , it has sent email 2 instead of 1.

My second question is:
is it any différences on using :

  • forward email activity instead of send outlook mail message ?


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I see you are getting only unread messges…please check if the first message is read already…if you are making it unread…then once you move off the mail that is when it becomes unread till then even it shows blue mark it does not go to unread state


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Both serves different purpose

Use the “Forward Email” activity when you want to automate the action of forwarding an existing email from your Outlook mailbox to another recipient. It allows you to specify the email you want to forward, the recipient’s email address, and you can also customize the subject and body of the forwarded email.

Where as “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity is used to compose and send new emails from your Outlook account. It allows you to specify the recipient, subject, body, and other email attributes directly in your automation workflow.

So here you can directly use Forward mail

Remove 1 from Top property unless u need only the first email and disable OnlyUnreadMessages and enable MarkAsRead

Hope this helps

Cheers @Ricchch

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Thanks for helping.
email #1 us marked read before the program forwards email#2 (all that when using Forward email activity)

I fixed the problem changing “forward email activity” for “Send email activty”.

But i wanted to know why forward email activity fails to make what i wanted because i think its basically the same operation regarding transmitting an email…

Anyway thanks for helping and commenting,

Hope it’s clarified then @Ricchch

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So if you would have moved before the program started then it should pick as said…

Glad you were atleast able to use a wokaround and resolve it

but we see this when we mark and dont move away from the mail


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Hello @Anil_G and @Palaniyappan
And thanks you for your commentaries.
Eventhough, i made my bot to make what i wanted (using send outlook email activity instead of forward email activity)
I continue (as exercice) to try to make my bot work using forward email activity.

However, as my surprise it was not the last email forwarded but this en blue .
Besides that this blue email (3) doest not respect the criteria of subjec (#prd#).

AS always , i expected to forward the email number 1.

I seems that forward email is related to an email that is marked in blue?


I missed this part earlier…I see it now.in mail field you are using outlook.SelectedMail…so it would pick the main which is selected or on which the current highlight is present


in the mail field you have to pass the get outlook mail message output list_mails(0) then it would take that mail instead of the selectedmail

Also as you are using get outlook mail message it is good to use send outlook mail message with giving the forward property as list_mails(0)


if you are using outlook scope activity then use for each email activity with the required filters there and use forward inside with mail given


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Hi @Anil_G
Thanks again for helping…
could you please indicate me how / what i should write in Email case to make it work…

i tried with ListEmails(0), and didn’t work…


Try this

You need not use get outlook mail message at all


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Thanks @Anil_G
Final version

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