Send email to each people

Hi guys,
Please help me. This is my scenario

i want to send 5 email to 3 people (A,B,C):
send to A, send to B, send to C, send A again, send to B again. Some people said about do robin, someone help me with the invoke code maybe please

select the one you want to send the mail and use send outlook mail or send smtp mail activity to send them the mail. you can add those recipients in to value of the property as strings like;

Hope this would help you

sorry @Palaniyappan maybe my question is not clear.
i want to assign/forward 1 incoming email to A. Then, 1 incoming email to B. After that, 1 incoming email to A again.

No worries buddy,

–You have an option called Forward mail in outlook and send smtp activity. you can get the mailmessages from get outlook mail or get exchange mail activity
–use a for each loop to iterate through the collections of mailmessages
–use a if condition to confirm with the mail that you want to send with subject or sender or received time and you have an option for that in get outlook mail activity, called Filter property.
–once filtered assign that mailmessage to a variable of type mailmessage
then you can forward that mailmessaga as mentioned above with send smtp mail activity or send outlook mail actiity

Hope this would help you

Hi @syaheed22,
Here as a quite big topic about sending mails, forwards etc.

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