How to forward one mail from our inbox to other


How to forward the mail which is my inbox to others account. I am to send a fresh mail but I am not able to forward the mail the required mail. Could any one help me regarding this issue.

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Hi, you can setup a rule in a mailbox that will auto-forward an email, have you tried that?

No my case is like, if some conditions fail means then only we should forward the mail.

I would also suggest using PowerShell script to accomplish a forward using Invoke PowerShell Activity.

What is the criteria you’re using to send an email? I can put together a quick script to help you with this.

Did you try this in Send Outlook Mail? You just need to pass your MailMessage acquired from Get Outlook Mail , not subject body required.


Using send outlook mail activity you can forward the email.
In the property: Forward Mail Message: Just pass the Mail Item after checking the required condition.