How to redact data in scanned/native PDF documents?


Do we have package in UiPath to redact few sensitive information in native and scanned PDF or image documents?



For scanned PDFs or images, you need to perform OCR to extract text from the documents. UiPath has built-in activities for OCR. You can use the “Read PDF with OCR” or “Screen Scraping” activities to extract text.
Once you have the text, you can use UiPath activities to search for sensitive information and replace it with redacted text. You can use the “Replace” function in UiPath.
You can use UiPath activities to manipulate PDFs. You may need to extract text, redact it, and then recreate the PDF.
You can use UiPath to open image files and apply redaction using image editing libraries. If you need to automate more complex redactions.
Ensure that the redacted information is securely handled and stored to maintain data protection standards and privacy regulations.


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Thank you for the quick reply.

I am aware of data extraction using ‘Read PDF Text’ or ‘Read PDF with OCR.’ In this case, I expect data redaction to be done by placing a rectangular box with a green highlight, rather than replacing specific words. We have a third party package called Encodian. It will perform the similar kind of activity for native PDF only. i looking for scanned PDF/image documents as well

Any suggestion?

you might need to utilize a combination of OCR for scanned documents and a PDF manipulation library for both types of documents.
-OCR for Scanned Documents
-PDF Manipulation for Redaction
-Conditional Redaction
-Overlay Rectangles
-Save Redacted PDF
-Document Audit


It would be helpful if you can share any documentation/procedure or video for this?

Hello @Dilli_Reddy ,

It would be helpful if u can share redaction part demo video/documentation


@Dilli_Reddy , the package is not available in the market place with latest version support.

Is there any other package available?

Is this resolve for you looking for same problem solution