Recording issue with Image based Automation

I am trying to automate a citrix application. I am recording the events manually using Image based automation.
Recording is getting captured for all the pages/images in the remote server except for one page. That page is a Windows Access Warning page for Login. The recording is not even getting displayed in the studio after I click ‘Save & exit’

Could anyone suggest what is going wrong?


After recording completes, if you still couldn’t find that pop-up image can you just try only that step alone and test? if a test is successful then you can integrate the same.

In Citrix automation try to use the Hotkeys instead finding images all the times, this saves run time.


I am trying for a single step only. Its not working. Hotkeys are also not working.

I have the same problem here. Both on Community 19.5 as on enterprise 18.4.3. Several steps are recorder using Image recorder, only the first activity is displayed.

Any chance it works when you launch Studio as administrator? :slight_smile: